Weight-loss Number Update

On June 1, my weight was 212.5 clothed. Today I weighed myself and it said 212 clothed. On May 12, the day I turned 35, I weighed 210 clothed. This is not a positive trajectory for my weight-loss goals. My goal last month was to go to the gym 20 times but I only went 16 times (17 if you count the time I did Zumba after the circuit). I started May at 214 pounds, though, so at least the number is going down.

A new month means new goals so this month my goal is to go to Curves 20 times and to limit my beer intake to strictly Friday through Sunday. Last night was my 1st night without having a beer in months and I'm not sure I love it. I thought to myself, well I'll just have a tiny Pepsi to take the edge off because I grow weary of drinking water. To my surprise and chagrin, that tiny Pepsi had like 150 calories in it where as a delicious Firestone Double Barrel Ale has about 166. I may as well have had the beer.

Luckily, I think I worked those calories off anyway when I gave Casey his bath and discovered he had a tick on the nape of his neck. It must have hitched a ride on his stroller after our hike on Sunday because I obviously had to bathe the dog right after and found nary a tick on her. Then, because I'm grossed out by the whole idea of bugs in my house, I vacuumed the hell out of it with my 300-pound Kirby vacuum cleaner. Speaking of that hike, this weekend was super active and I'm pretty proud of the things we did. Saturday was a long walk with Betty while pushing Casey in his stroller. Sunday was a hike and a bike ride. Last night I walked Casey and Betty to the park. I think that's going to help things right along, you know? The little extras and less beer. Here's to hoping, anyway!

And? A side note? It has been 18 weeks since I have had candy at work!

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Gen said...

Awesome job on staying away from the candy!

Good luck with this month's goal.