Weigh-In Wednesday

I would really like to report that I have lost more weight but I haven't. I did my naked weigh-in on Tuesday and it was 210. I'm not really fluctuating upwards, so that is good, but I would love to see 205 show up one of these days. I guess it's better than 220. Then again, I have no one to blame but myself. I only went to Curves three times last week and I already skipped a day this week.
There has to be some way to motivate myself but I can't figure out what it is. I literally sat at my desk and ate five brownies yesterday. Five. I have to believe there is some depression involved in my current state of mind. As has happened in the past, I have come to a point where I maybe am not super sad about being a fatty now. I like that I'm exercising and am still doing the oatmeal and salad thing at work. What I really think I need is to go harder core on the dieting at home part but the fact of the matter is I like to eat good food and drink good beer.
Below there is a picture of what I weighed 17 years and 60 pounds ago. Those days are gone. Long gone. But am I dieting to look like that again or to stay off medicine? Likely, it's the latter. That and being able to keep up with my son and to live a long life as his mom. After all, I have to live long enough to drive him crazy in my old age. Karma.

MORAL OF THAT STORY:  Hopefully this is the conclusion of Debbie Downer posts brought to you by June Gloom.

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Coodence said...

If you lost 60 pounds, you wouldn't look that. Because you were a child there. Now, you're a woman.

Five brownies is a lot, sure! But who hasn't done that here and there. Just next time, shoot for four!