Movie Review Monday

 It took taking a day off work to do it but I actually got through two movies this week. The first was Chinatown, a movie three years older than me. I know there is controversy surrounding Roman Polanski but he sure does know how to make a complex movie. I really enjoyed this one. Jack Nicholson looks like a teenager. Faye Dunaway has an eyebrow situation that I wasn't entirely comfortable with. Aside from that, it was so neat to see old time Los Angeles! To hear the characters talking about Ventura County! This was a mystery that had layer after layer revealed until we close out the film with a bang! It's always on the top 100 movie lists and I highly recommend you watch it if only to broaden your knowledge of cinematic history. But also because it was a really good movie.

Second up is Real Steel. I loved this movie. Period and The End. Hugh Jackman is hot. The kid playing his son is not annoying. The Robot kicked serious ass. And on top of it, there was a good little story about fathers and sons and reuniting and it feeling so good. I laughed, I wanted to cry, I cheered. Yeah. This movie is was produced by Spielberg so it had the feeling his movies all tend to have: it brings out the child in you. I thought to myself "How excited would I be if I had a bigger-than-life robot that I could play with and control?" Plus? This robot dances! Yeah, guys, this movie was a real good time. I liked it a lot.


dirkmancuso said...

Love, love, love CHINATOWN -- it's so damn soapy and melodramatic (especially that ending).

Never saw REAL STEEL. It looked like a Rock'em Sock'em Robots movie to me. Maybe The Fella and I will check that one out though since you are giving i high marks.

Coodence said...

I want to watch Chinatown! Even more now than before!!