Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good
  • BFF's girl turns 2 today! Happy Happy, Sasha! 
  • I get off work at 4
  • Husband comes home today
The Bad
  • Been working since 7 a.m. because some people just can't get their shit together.
  • Jangles for bringing cookies to work and me for eating them.
  • My mood because my work is seriously going to make me sick.
The Ugly (aka I'm Ranting)
  • I know women want to motivate themselves to exercise and lose weight but I am so sick and tired of seeing motivational pictures of chicks with rock hard abs and sweat beaded on them on facebook posts. Enough. You're never going to have that body. Just love yourself. Eat well, be fit, just get over it! California Gurls in particular.
  • People who cheat on their spouses, ESPECIALLY when they are parents! God damn it. Even Don Draper, who I love, infuriates me when he cheats or thinks of cheating or anyone around him is cheating and Don Draper is quite possibly the love of my life in my fantasy dating world. Sex is great and all but come on. Keep your legs crossed and your dick in your pants. You're not animals, show some self-control. Or just divorce your spouse before you fuck around.
  • Anyone who is boycotting Oreos for loving the gays. Or anyone who hates the gays for that matter. Stop wasting your fucking time worrying about anyone's life aside your own, you fucking idiots. Why do you care? No one is going to convert you to be homosexual. Homosexuals are not sexual predators. Well, maybe some are, but come on. Man this fight is getting tiresome.


Andrea said...

DUDE! The ladies that I've encountered that are born and raised here in the Arizona? Are like that, too. This is the MOST superficial place I've ever lived. Ads for weight loss, botox, cool sculpting, lapband procedures, plastic surgeons, etc. and so forth clog up my radio. Most of my Groupons and LivingSocial deals are for that crap.

I'm choosing to continue to eat Oreos, love myself, try to be in a bit of shape here and there, and dance like I'm not wearing pants.

Coodence said...

What's this about oreos?