Curves Check-In #3

3 Months (total inches since March 9):
Bust -.5"
Waist +1"
Abdomen -2"
Hips -2.5"
Thighs +.5"
Arms -2"
Weight -10 lbs
Body Fat -1.50%
BMI -1.57

That's a total of 5.5" lost. That's nearly half a foot of me that is no longer there. I'm not sweating the gain in the thighs because I was told that's muscle. As for my waist, I actually feel like there are muscles there now, too. I can feel them when I move whereas before it was just a gelatinous wasteland. So there's that. Today we did Zumba during lunch and I think that change once a week is really going to help break the routine.
I failed my no beer thing last night. Had 2. Had wine the night before. I think I'm not going to sweat that so much, though. I'm moving more, eating better and quite frankly I've made a lot of changes in the last three months that I think warrant my beer reward. So there you have it. I can't wait to see where I'll be by May 2013.