Weightloss Update #2

Yesterday was the official weigh and measure day at Curves and I'm proud to report the following:
  • I have attended 33 times in 2 months including one Zumba class.
  • I have lost 3.25"
  • I have lost 9 pounds
  • I have lost 2% of my body fat so that's 7.71 body fat pounds lost
Here's how those inches break down:
  • -1/2" in my bust
  • Waist stayed the same
  • -2" in the abdomen
  • -2.25" in the hips
  • My thighs I gained 1.25" each one so that's 2.5" total. She said this is common and is mostly likely because it's a huge muscle so I'm not gonna sweat it. My pants are loose.
  • -1" in the upper arms"
  •  My BMI went from 34.61 to 33.2. Still obese but whatevs. I have to weigh 190 to be considered "overweight" so I have a ways to go sitting here at 212.
It's been 14 weeks since I had candy in the office and I'm super proud of that. I've also tried to tag all my weight posts since I had Casey to kind of keep an eye on trends. It seems that I am officially below the weight I was when he was conceived so I guess it's the small accomplishments that really matter. It blows my mind that it's been about 5 years since I was in the 167 zone. 9 pounds a year worth of weight gain. No bueno.

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