Movie Review Monday

I'm pretty behind in the Netflix watching and we're going to see the Avengers movie this afternoon finally but to get a blog post going I thought I would write about the documentary I rented. It's called Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills that was released on HBO in 1996. There's been some talk recently because some celebrities including but not limited to Pearl Jam have been raising funds to get an acquittal for the West Memphis Three. Basically one of these three teenagers made up a story about how he was there with the other two and watched them murder these three 8 year old boys. Even though there was no solid forensic evidence, the three of them were found guilty basically because they were heavy metal outcasts in the bible belt of Arkansas. This documentary is about their trial and if you've ever wanted to lose faith in our judicial system, this is a must see. I will warn you, however, that this documentary is graphic and they do show crime scene photographs of the three young boys, nude and deceased. Very disturbing. Documentaries have come a long way since 1996, but this one made me really reconsider my thoughts on the death penalty. That one of these teenagers could be sentenced to death solely because a peer with a staggeringly low IQ felt like making up a story is no less than horrifying. There have been two additional documentaries by the same people following the process that lead to the eventual release of the West Memphis Three so at least we are comforted in knowing that at least they each only got 18+ years for a crime they never committed.

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