Ides of March

Boy have we been slipping when it comes to movie watching. This weekend we watched The Ides of March. I will readily admit I only rented this so I could stare at the man candy that is Ryan Gosling and George Clooney. I could pretend it was because of the nice things the good people at Entertainment Weekly had to say about it but why lie? The timing of this viewing was particularly nice because of the presidential election coming up. See, Ryan Gosling is a campaign staffer for George Clooney's presidential candidate and he is determined that his man will win. Unfortunately, he makes a couple bad choices and takes up some not-so-good company and it ends up being a little bit of a scandal. However, he takes that scandal and turns it in his favor. So there's that nice little summary. This movie was a bit slow going at first but I waited patiently for the twist. The twist was nice and juicy and had me really excited to see where we were headed. And then? The movie ended and I saw the credits start rolling and I thought to myself "That's it?" So that's how it ends. With you sort of just wanting more. Husband liked it though. My family thinks I'm too hard on movies.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I said hard on.