Humpday numbers

  • This past weekend we went to Disneyland. Over a hundred pictures can be found here. The boy child did quite well but he's still a bit too young for the whole experience. I wish he could have been strapped into his stroller during the lines but no. That was really the hardest part for him... not being able to run freely at all times.
  • Today is my three-year wedding anniversary. We have plans to go out to dinner tonight at a delicious restaurant called Suzanne's Cuisine in Ojai. We have gone to dinner there at least once a year since we got engaged so it's very special to us in addition to being lovely and delicious.
  • Since year three is "leather" I bought husband a leather lined valet and he got me white leather Chucks. We're silly.
  • So last week I had a stye in my eye and got put on antibiotics that wrecked my stomach so I was able maintain my weight at 211 although I ate a lot of things at Disneyland over the weekend and I haven't been to Curves since last Thursday. I'll get back on that horse tomorrow.
  • I'm super stoked about the three-day weekend this weekend even though I totally just had one because I took Monday off to recover from our weekend away. It would be super fantastic if I didn't have another plan until like 2013. I want to be a hermit and look at my new fireplace all the time.
MORAL OF THAT STORY: Dear Lord, how can I be this busy and yet this boring?

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