Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good
  • May is over. It's been a busy and expensive month and I am ready to put it behind me.
  • Betty almost back to her old, psycho and spastic self.
  • Husband comes home tonight.
The Bad
  •  How much money we had to spend to get Betty well. What was supposed to be an easy $85 spay turned in to an ER visit with several vet appointment follow-ups totaling over $500 so far.
  • Casey's refusal to eat meals is very frustrating for me. I know he eats but I would rather it be something substantial rather than "mayos" (marshmallows) and goldfish crackers. Silly mother that I am, I worry about his nutrition. Shocking.
  • My general attitude and state of mind this week. Is it post-birthday blues? Job frustration? Exhaustion? I don't know but I've fallen asleep in the 8 o'clock hour for the last three nights.
The Ugly
  • Having to give Betty 3 different pills twice a day, put hot compresses on her belly twice a day to squeeze out the infection in her sutures and having to apply betadyne on her wound. 
  • I still sort of have the remainder of a stye in the corner of my left eye that has burst a couple times now and refuses to go away. No eye make up makes for a less attractive me. These are facts.
  • The amount of flesh I tore off my heel trying to shoo the bunny out from underneath Casey's aggressive rocking chair. Lord knows I love a Muppet Band-Aid but I'd prefer to be able to see it as opposed to have it hidden under my socks and shoes.
    (See why I'm glad May is over?)


Coodence said...


April said...

I'm so sorry Betty is having issues! I know how frustrating and expensive that can be.

AS for Casey not eating, I have zero advice for you. I saw your post on Facebook and felt bad for you. I hope you figure out what will get him to eat for you.

Lisa..... said...

Hopefully June will be great. Although May did include mothers day and our birthdays!