So I kind of mentioned yesterday that I'm in the 211 range clothed. I'm super stoked about that but I have been slacking a bit about going to Curves. My goal this month was to go 20 times but it's just not going to happen, sadly. I took Monday off to spend with the boy and recover from Disney weekend so I didn't go work out. Tuesday I was playing catchup at work so I didn't go. Yesterday we went out for an indulgent dinner right after I got off work so I didn't want to get all sweaty at the gym and I didn't go. Next thing I know, it's today and I haven't been to the gym in a week.
My gym partner Jangles hurt her ankle so she hasn't been going and I simply couldn't seem to find my motivation. My leg started bothering me today and I was going to use that as an excuse to not go again today. Lo and behold, BFF gently urged me to go in that special way she has. Then another friend said his mom would say that you just have to go. So go I did. Today is the 13th time I've gone to Curves this month. 14th if you count the 3rd when I went twice: once for the regular circuit half hour and then again for the Zumba half hour. Since they'll be closed Monday for Memorial Day, the most I can go is 18 times so that is my revised goal. A little late in the game, but good nonetheless.
I noticed for the first time this week that my 16s are feeling loose. I have two other pair of different cut 16s that I've been nervous about wearing but I think it might be time. I wore one of them on my birthday and it was fine. I'm really excited to think 14s might be on the horizon. My in-laws will be here after 4th of July and it sure would be nice if I could get down to 200 by then so that's my next goal even though I'm not entirely sure how realistic that is. I have noticed that I spend a lot less time sitting down at home. I'm either cleaning or chasing after a child or working in the yard and I'm proud of that. I think this "lifestyle change" is really working out well.


Gen said...

Great job! And I'm pretty sure 200 by July 4 is VERY realistic.

Keep it up!

Coodence said...

Nice work, hodie!!