Casey Update

If I can say one thing about Casey it's that he is a healthy young man. He hardly ever gets more than a cold and his doctor's appointments tend to go very well aside from his tantrums which are new but supposedly temporary. A couple months after he was born, Dr. Sally noted he had an anomaly: one testicle was slightly larger than the other. To rule out testicular cancer, we were sent to an ultrasound. That ultrasound informed us that he had a hydrocele around one testicle. It was liquid and it would likely just resolve itself.
Here we are over a year later and the normal testicle is the size of a pea while the other is the size of a green grape. It doesn't seem to bother Casey one bit. It's never swollen or discolored. He spends enough time falling on his butt and that general region that I would assume if it was an issue, he would not be the happy go lucky kid that he is. Discomfort tends to lend itself to a bad attitude, something Casey has never really had. At his last appointment, Dr. Sally once again expressed her concern about that testicle and referred us to Children's Hospital.
That appointment was this morning and I have been having anxiety over it for about a week now. As it turns out, it's still just a hydrocele. Apparently it usually goes away around age one or two but we're already at 20 months so it doesn't look like this is a problem that will resolve itself. We are going to have to take Casey for an elective surgery. The procedure itself will be done in Los Angeles and is only supposed to take about 45-minutes. It's an outpatient surgery so he won't have to stay in the hospital and recovery time is about 4-5 days.
I would rather be the mom that allows her child to decide whether or not his testicle bothers him and allow him to decide if he wants surgery or not. I'm not hip on the idea of little ones going under anesthesia. It's just scary to me. I never had a lot of experience with hospitals and the like growing up. Husband, on the other hand, is a pro. He's been through a lot. I know Casey is in good hands but there's always that slight chance that something could go wrong. We're going to take him after he turns 2, closer to the holidays so I can take time off to be with him while he recovers. Being a mommy is hard on the heart sometimes but I'm so extremely grateful that it could have been so much worse and wasn't.


Coodence said...

You said it, dude. All of it.

I couldnt agree with you more.

Andrea said...

So, I Googled all of this because it's how I do as a worrier. Doesn't sound super scary but, I'm sure, as a Mom it's scary enough.

I like your plan.

Love you!