Birthday Fun Timez

This is the restaurant we went to to have a fancy grown-up dinner the night before I turned 35. It's called Kristy's Wood Oven & Wine Bar.
It's on top of a hill overlooking Zuma beach located near a cutesy old fashioned hotel. It's got a beautiful garden and a pool area where you can sit and enjoy the view. The inside of the restaurant was equally adorable.
We started off our meal with a bottle of champagne followed by this fancy spinach blue cheese soup and a prosciutto salad. BFF & Babe got pizzas. I got the halibut and Husband got the surf & turf. We washed it down with a couple bottles of lovely red wine from Laetitia winery. Needless to say, we were pretty happy by the time dessert came around. I got the chocolate covered ice cream ball complete with birthday candle and a song. BFF & Babe split their famous coconut cake. Divine. Our waiter, Connor, was a total charmer and smart-ass. Perfectly attentive. It was a lovely dinner.
Since we can't leave well enough alone, we headed out to Café Habana in Malibu for some post-dinner drinks. I proceeded to top off my champagne and wine with two Cadillac margaritas because I have never had alcohol before and had no idea the consequences of my actions. Yeah. The bar was cute enough and the staff was great but I've never heard a worse play list. Um, it's a Cuban them, why am I listening to emo, cut-yourself music?
This is just a closing shot of Husband and Babe gazing at a cool aquarium outside of the bar. I should have been dancing or doing calisthenics to work off my drunk but instead I took pictures. All the way home I was drunk and asking Husband "What did I do?" Know how I know I was drunk? I totally grubbed Casey's secret stash of fruit snacks we keep in the glove box. Wow. All in all? A fantastically fun night.


Lurker Girl said...

OMG--you had me at Spinach Bleu Cheese soup and Procutto Salad...must google recepies for such yumminess!

Oh--and I 'm glad you had a great birthday!!

Coodence said...

Fun timez iNdeED.

Andrea said...

"...because I have never had alcohol before and had no idea the consequences of my actions."

That part happens to me about once a year.

Lisa..... said...

Fun! Glad you had a good time!