Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good
  • May is over. It's been a busy and expensive month and I am ready to put it behind me.
  • Betty almost back to her old, psycho and spastic self.
  • Husband comes home tonight.
The Bad
  •  How much money we had to spend to get Betty well. What was supposed to be an easy $85 spay turned in to an ER visit with several vet appointment follow-ups totaling over $500 so far.
  • Casey's refusal to eat meals is very frustrating for me. I know he eats but I would rather it be something substantial rather than "mayos" (marshmallows) and goldfish crackers. Silly mother that I am, I worry about his nutrition. Shocking.
  • My general attitude and state of mind this week. Is it post-birthday blues? Job frustration? Exhaustion? I don't know but I've fallen asleep in the 8 o'clock hour for the last three nights.
The Ugly
  • Having to give Betty 3 different pills twice a day, put hot compresses on her belly twice a day to squeeze out the infection in her sutures and having to apply betadyne on her wound. 
  • I still sort of have the remainder of a stye in the corner of my left eye that has burst a couple times now and refuses to go away. No eye make up makes for a less attractive me. These are facts.
  • The amount of flesh I tore off my heel trying to shoo the bunny out from underneath Casey's aggressive rocking chair. Lord knows I love a Muppet Band-Aid but I'd prefer to be able to see it as opposed to have it hidden under my socks and shoes.
    (See why I'm glad May is over?)


Ides of March

Boy have we been slipping when it comes to movie watching. This weekend we watched The Ides of March. I will readily admit I only rented this so I could stare at the man candy that is Ryan Gosling and George Clooney. I could pretend it was because of the nice things the good people at Entertainment Weekly had to say about it but why lie? The timing of this viewing was particularly nice because of the presidential election coming up. See, Ryan Gosling is a campaign staffer for George Clooney's presidential candidate and he is determined that his man will win. Unfortunately, he makes a couple bad choices and takes up some not-so-good company and it ends up being a little bit of a scandal. However, he takes that scandal and turns it in his favor. So there's that nice little summary. This movie was a bit slow going at first but I waited patiently for the twist. The twist was nice and juicy and had me really excited to see where we were headed. And then? The movie ended and I saw the credits start rolling and I thought to myself "That's it?" So that's how it ends. With you sort of just wanting more. Husband liked it though. My family thinks I'm too hard on movies.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I said hard on.


Three Day Weekend Haiku Friday

Betty spayed today
Poor puppy. No lady parts.
Hope it calms her down
No plans this weekend
Riding bikes. A barbecue.
Take it real easy
If the weather's nice
Maybe work on the front yard
A trip to the pool



So I kind of mentioned yesterday that I'm in the 211 range clothed. I'm super stoked about that but I have been slacking a bit about going to Curves. My goal this month was to go 20 times but it's just not going to happen, sadly. I took Monday off to spend with the boy and recover from Disney weekend so I didn't go work out. Tuesday I was playing catchup at work so I didn't go. Yesterday we went out for an indulgent dinner right after I got off work so I didn't want to get all sweaty at the gym and I didn't go. Next thing I know, it's today and I haven't been to the gym in a week.
My gym partner Jangles hurt her ankle so she hasn't been going and I simply couldn't seem to find my motivation. My leg started bothering me today and I was going to use that as an excuse to not go again today. Lo and behold, BFF gently urged me to go in that special way she has. Then another friend said his mom would say that you just have to go. So go I did. Today is the 13th time I've gone to Curves this month. 14th if you count the 3rd when I went twice: once for the regular circuit half hour and then again for the Zumba half hour. Since they'll be closed Monday for Memorial Day, the most I can go is 18 times so that is my revised goal. A little late in the game, but good nonetheless.
I noticed for the first time this week that my 16s are feeling loose. I have two other pair of different cut 16s that I've been nervous about wearing but I think it might be time. I wore one of them on my birthday and it was fine. I'm really excited to think 14s might be on the horizon. My in-laws will be here after 4th of July and it sure would be nice if I could get down to 200 by then so that's my next goal even though I'm not entirely sure how realistic that is. I have noticed that I spend a lot less time sitting down at home. I'm either cleaning or chasing after a child or working in the yard and I'm proud of that. I think this "lifestyle change" is really working out well.


Humpday numbers

  • This past weekend we went to Disneyland. Over a hundred pictures can be found here. The boy child did quite well but he's still a bit too young for the whole experience. I wish he could have been strapped into his stroller during the lines but no. That was really the hardest part for him... not being able to run freely at all times.
  • Today is my three-year wedding anniversary. We have plans to go out to dinner tonight at a delicious restaurant called Suzanne's Cuisine in Ojai. We have gone to dinner there at least once a year since we got engaged so it's very special to us in addition to being lovely and delicious.
  • Since year three is "leather" I bought husband a leather lined valet and he got me white leather Chucks. We're silly.
  • So last week I had a stye in my eye and got put on antibiotics that wrecked my stomach so I was able maintain my weight at 211 although I ate a lot of things at Disneyland over the weekend and I haven't been to Curves since last Thursday. I'll get back on that horse tomorrow.
  • I'm super stoked about the three-day weekend this weekend even though I totally just had one because I took Monday off to recover from our weekend away. It would be super fantastic if I didn't have another plan until like 2013. I want to be a hermit and look at my new fireplace all the time.
MORAL OF THAT STORY: Dear Lord, how can I be this busy and yet this boring?


National Backyard Games Week Haiku Friday

I've got lots to do
Work, Curves, laundry, walk the dog
Clean up, do dishes
Leaving real early
For Disneyland tomorrow
A whole weekend there
The whole damn family
I sure hope Capood loves it
No crying allowed! 


Birthday Fun Timez

This is the restaurant we went to to have a fancy grown-up dinner the night before I turned 35. It's called Kristy's Wood Oven & Wine Bar.
It's on top of a hill overlooking Zuma beach located near a cutesy old fashioned hotel. It's got a beautiful garden and a pool area where you can sit and enjoy the view. The inside of the restaurant was equally adorable.
We started off our meal with a bottle of champagne followed by this fancy spinach blue cheese soup and a prosciutto salad. BFF & Babe got pizzas. I got the halibut and Husband got the surf & turf. We washed it down with a couple bottles of lovely red wine from Laetitia winery. Needless to say, we were pretty happy by the time dessert came around. I got the chocolate covered ice cream ball complete with birthday candle and a song. BFF & Babe split their famous coconut cake. Divine. Our waiter, Connor, was a total charmer and smart-ass. Perfectly attentive. It was a lovely dinner.
Since we can't leave well enough alone, we headed out to Café Habana in Malibu for some post-dinner drinks. I proceeded to top off my champagne and wine with two Cadillac margaritas because I have never had alcohol before and had no idea the consequences of my actions. Yeah. The bar was cute enough and the staff was great but I've never heard a worse play list. Um, it's a Cuban them, why am I listening to emo, cut-yourself music?
This is just a closing shot of Husband and Babe gazing at a cool aquarium outside of the bar. I should have been dancing or doing calisthenics to work off my drunk but instead I took pictures. All the way home I was drunk and asking Husband "What did I do?" Know how I know I was drunk? I totally grubbed Casey's secret stash of fruit snacks we keep in the glove box. Wow. All in all? A fantastically fun night.


Humpday Numbers

  • I've been 35 for 4 days now and I've got 1 more gift coming tonight that should wrap up the celebration.
  • My weigh-in on Monday was 211.5 which is down 1.5 lbs. from the Monday before and a total of 9.5 lost since the beginning of my Curves journey. I'm not sure how this is possible as I have been eating and drinking like a fool thanks to birthday celebrations but I'll take it.
  • The scale actually said 211 on Friday which was exactly 10 pounds down right before my birthday. It's very close to the 210 goal I had. All these numbers are clothed numbers so I'm quite pleased with my progress.
  • I have been to Curves 10 times already this month so hitting my goal of 20 should actually happen.
  • In 3 days I'm going to Disneyland for the weekend with 8 other people: mom, dad, husband, son, brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. We'll have 3 kids under the age of 6 so it should be an adventure. We get to spend 1 night in Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Awesome!


The Avengers

As a Buffy fan, I was beyond excited to hear that Joss Whedon was going to do The Avengers. As is obvious by the billion dollars this movie has earned in ten days of release, lots of other people must have been equally excited. We've been so busy we didn't have a chance to go until yesterday and I'm pleased to report that this movie was THE SHIT. Sure, there were times where I thought to myself the immortal words of Elvis Presley "A little less conversation a little more action" but when that action happened, it kicked plenty of ass. I swear to God I've never been more excited about anything in a movie as I was about seeing Mark Ruffalo's Hulk. I mean, it's enough that he's a hottie as an actor and I got to add him to the eye candy that already existed in the Avengers team, but his Hulk was solid. Solid I say. I laughed, I cheered, I cringed. This cast was epic as far as superhero movies go and to top it off we go to see the previews for the final Batman and the Spiderman re-boot and both look amazing. It's a good year to be a fan of superhero movies.


Movie Review Monday

I'm pretty behind in the Netflix watching and we're going to see the Avengers movie this afternoon finally but to get a blog post going I thought I would write about the documentary I rented. It's called Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills that was released on HBO in 1996. There's been some talk recently because some celebrities including but not limited to Pearl Jam have been raising funds to get an acquittal for the West Memphis Three. Basically one of these three teenagers made up a story about how he was there with the other two and watched them murder these three 8 year old boys. Even though there was no solid forensic evidence, the three of them were found guilty basically because they were heavy metal outcasts in the bible belt of Arkansas. This documentary is about their trial and if you've ever wanted to lose faith in our judicial system, this is a must see. I will warn you, however, that this documentary is graphic and they do show crime scene photographs of the three young boys, nude and deceased. Very disturbing. Documentaries have come a long way since 1996, but this one made me really reconsider my thoughts on the death penalty. That one of these teenagers could be sentenced to death solely because a peer with a staggeringly low IQ felt like making up a story is no less than horrifying. There have been two additional documentaries by the same people following the process that lead to the eventual release of the West Memphis Three so at least we are comforted in knowing that at least they each only got 18+ years for a crime they never committed.


Eat What You Want Haiku Friday

Birthday tomorrow
"Oh? Whose?" you might be asking
Well, it's mine. All mine.
My mother-in-law
Shares my birthday with me too
Out in Michigan
My sister-in-law's
Brother Danny's birthday, too
Guess it's not all mine


Weightloss Update #2

Yesterday was the official weigh and measure day at Curves and I'm proud to report the following:
  • I have attended 33 times in 2 months including one Zumba class.
  • I have lost 3.25"
  • I have lost 9 pounds
  • I have lost 2% of my body fat so that's 7.71 body fat pounds lost
Here's how those inches break down:
  • -1/2" in my bust
  • Waist stayed the same
  • -2" in the abdomen
  • -2.25" in the hips
  • My thighs I gained 1.25" each one so that's 2.5" total. She said this is common and is mostly likely because it's a huge muscle so I'm not gonna sweat it. My pants are loose.
  • -1" in the upper arms"
  •  My BMI went from 34.61 to 33.2. Still obese but whatevs. I have to weigh 190 to be considered "overweight" so I have a ways to go sitting here at 212.
It's been 14 weeks since I had candy in the office and I'm super proud of that. I've also tried to tag all my weight posts since I had Casey to kind of keep an eye on trends. It seems that I am officially below the weight I was when he was conceived so I guess it's the small accomplishments that really matter. It blows my mind that it's been about 5 years since I was in the 167 zone. 9 pounds a year worth of weight gain. No bueno.


Cat's Cradle - Ventura County

Apparently my office has become some sort of safe haven for kittens. Last week two strays were dropped off here and we managed to get one of our vendors to take them home. One of the kittens had a hernia and it ended up costing him a cool grand to get the two of those kitties up to snuff but they have a happy home now so all is well that ends well. Yesterday, one of our forklift drivers almost ran over a kitten and once again it was suddenly my responsibility to find it a home.
At promptly 3 pm I contacted Cat's Cradle by email and left a voice mail. I got a call back at 7 pm. The woman who runs the place, whose name I've never gotten, basically lectured me for feeding a stray, feral cat cow's milk and tuna. She asked me a ton of questions I did not have the answers to and I could hear the frustration in her voice. I told her at that hour I would not be taking the cat anywhere nor did I want anyone coming to my house, it would have to be dealt with in the morning because I have a toddler at home. She was insistent that the cat needed attention immediately. I hung up with her. The kitten had gotten a bath, was eating baby formula mixed with dog food out of a syringe and seemed generally ok. Believe it or not, it made it through the night just fine.
This morning at around 8 am, I called her again to see if she knew where my office was. She was incredibly defensive when I tried to give her directions to my hard-to-find office. She told me she had customers and couriers that came out this way and if not there was GPS, mapquest and a phone number she could call if she got lost. Wow. An hour later, I had found a home for the kitten on my own (thanks, Crusty!) and called to tell her I no longer needed her services. She told me that there was someone already on the way, I told her she should have called first and she abruptly hung up on me.
I'm not digging on getting hung up on or spoken to in that manner at so I called back to ask her name. She told me she didn't need to give me her name because she would never help me again. I told her I would never contact her again so it didn't matter. I proceeded to tell her she was rude and handled this whole thing quite poorly. She responded that she'd spent the last hour on the phone and was trying to get someone to get this kitten and that the world didn't revolve around me and she had a business to run. I finally hung up realizing I would get no where trying to reason with an insane cat woman.
I've spent the last half hour posting on facebook and craigslist to not use this group and here I am blogging about it. I have called PetSmart because they have used them in the past and have not only spoken to people locally but went ahead and called corporate as well. I don't know what is up with rescue groups but I wash my hands of them. It was hard enough trying to get Betty and clearly trying to get help with stray kittens is no easier.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Pets are pets. Animals are animals. But people are people and should be treated better than either of them.



That is a picture of our loveable scamp, Betty. She's about 5 months old now and is weighing in at 34 pounds. She outweighs our 20-month old son by about 5 pounds and she's as big as he is. She's the most loveable thing in the world but lately she's a trouble making son of a gun.
On Saturday, after I spent hours cleaning the house, I looked at our sliding door and wondered how Husband had splattered ketchup - Casey's chicken nugget condiment of choice - all over it. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be blood. Blood that was not only all over the door but the walls, carpet and dining room table as well. Turns out Betty had somehow scraped the fur off the tip of her ear and was bleeding like a stuck pig, hence the picture attached. Thankfully, Husband has lots of knowledge about dogs and wounds and Betty's was only superficial.
So far, she's been a good puppy and has only chewed on her assigned toys. She gnawed the corner of one of our bedroom nightstands but no one is particularly upset over it. Occasionally she tries to steal "Wocka" aka Fozzie Bear from Casey's room but mostly she leaves his things alone. Yesterday, I got home to see she had torn up the back room. She chewed the foam we put around her dog door. She destroyed the cardboard boxes holding our garbage bags and spread said garbage bags hither and yon around the back yard. She managed to move pieces of fire wood from their designated spot. She also somehow managed to open a drawer and pull out picture hanging nails. Oh, Betty. No, no.
On top of that, her potty training seems to be not going as wonderfully as it once was. She figured out the dog door quickly but apparently doesn't feel she should have to go outside at night so she had two accidents in our guest bedroom. Sigh. Thank goodness for Resolve Pet and High Traffic foam. The thing about Betty is that she takes her punishment to the heart. Husband says it is a Boxer/Pit trait and she's mixed with at least one of those. She mopes for a day if she gets scolded. It's truly pathetic. She had her final shots so she was able to go to the dog park this weekend and is very good at being submissive to larger dogs and manages to play well with all of them, just like she does with our bunny. All in all we're stoked to have her as a pet but I'm not loving this puppy stage at the moment.


Movie Review Monday

This weekend we managed to squeeze in War Horse. Don't ask me what we were so busy doing because I simply don't know. We went to the park a bunch, cleaned and ran errands. All of a sudden it was Monday and time for me to talk about movies. I have not seen nor do I have any knowledge of the stage show this film was based on. I expected to cry a river of tears and I did not. I'm still not particularly convinced this movie should have been nominated for an Oscar aside from the Spielberg affiliation. As I was watching it, I kept commenting how surreal and dreamlike everything looked. The colors were too crisp and everything had a Disney feel to it, especially Harold the honking goose. The story was nice enough and I really thought that horse was great but this movie didn't really do anything for me in the sense of emotional overhaul or any such thing. I think I was the most emotional when wanting to kick the landlord's ass for being such a prick before the horse went to war. I'm not sure that was what Spielberg was going for.


Zumba Haiku Friday

My first Zumba class
Went last night at Curves with Jan
Completely insane
I'm not very good
But went all thirty minutes
Shaking my groove thang
Moved parts of my bod
Didn't even know I had
I mean... my wrists hurt


Casey Update

If I can say one thing about Casey it's that he is a healthy young man. He hardly ever gets more than a cold and his doctor's appointments tend to go very well aside from his tantrums which are new but supposedly temporary. A couple months after he was born, Dr. Sally noted he had an anomaly: one testicle was slightly larger than the other. To rule out testicular cancer, we were sent to an ultrasound. That ultrasound informed us that he had a hydrocele around one testicle. It was liquid and it would likely just resolve itself.
Here we are over a year later and the normal testicle is the size of a pea while the other is the size of a green grape. It doesn't seem to bother Casey one bit. It's never swollen or discolored. He spends enough time falling on his butt and that general region that I would assume if it was an issue, he would not be the happy go lucky kid that he is. Discomfort tends to lend itself to a bad attitude, something Casey has never really had. At his last appointment, Dr. Sally once again expressed her concern about that testicle and referred us to Children's Hospital.
That appointment was this morning and I have been having anxiety over it for about a week now. As it turns out, it's still just a hydrocele. Apparently it usually goes away around age one or two but we're already at 20 months so it doesn't look like this is a problem that will resolve itself. We are going to have to take Casey for an elective surgery. The procedure itself will be done in Los Angeles and is only supposed to take about 45-minutes. It's an outpatient surgery so he won't have to stay in the hospital and recovery time is about 4-5 days.
I would rather be the mom that allows her child to decide whether or not his testicle bothers him and allow him to decide if he wants surgery or not. I'm not hip on the idea of little ones going under anesthesia. It's just scary to me. I never had a lot of experience with hospitals and the like growing up. Husband, on the other hand, is a pro. He's been through a lot. I know Casey is in good hands but there's always that slight chance that something could go wrong. We're going to take him after he turns 2, closer to the holidays so I can take time off to be with him while he recovers. Being a mommy is hard on the heart sometimes but I'm so extremely grateful that it could have been so much worse and wasn't.


Weight Loss Wednesday By Numbers

  • I started off April weighting 216 pounds.
  • On Monday I weighed 215, Tuesday 214 and today 212.5 (clothed). 
  • It makes me laugh how much my weight fluctuates but I'm stoked that as of today I have lost 8.5 pounds since I started going to Curves on March 9
  • Next weight and measurement check in at Curves: Wednesday May 9.
  • My goal for my birthday, May 12, was 210 (clothed) so I have 10 days to lose 2.5 pounds.
  • In April I went to Curves 16 times and aside from 1 day when Husband & I went out to lunch, I stuck to my salad for lunch plan every week, Monday through Friday.
  • When I opened my May Calendar, I had 200 written on the 28th... is that the goal I wanted to hit? Seems unlikely at the rate I'm going which is about 4 pounds a month if I'm lucky.
  • This month's goal: to go to Curves 20 times.
MORAL OF THAT STORY: Looks like this exercise thing is working. Certainly can't say I'm dieting...


Another Week, Another Book

I'm pretty excited that I seem to be back on the book-a-week train. I'm also glad that I'm mixing it up a bit and not reading a series any more. The most recent finish was Jane Lynch's Happy Accidents. I love her. I really do. She had me at Best In Show, solidified it with 40 Year Old Virgin and sealed it with a kiss as Sue Sylvester on Glee. She has been around for a long time and has been in a lot of things and has never disappointed. I grabbed her book for a steal in the Barnes & Noble bargain bin and the book was worth every penny. I'm always interested in hearing the story of a homosexual person coming out and living their true life. I don't know why but it has always fascinated me. Jane Lynch's life is pretty much without drama. I love that she went to AA because she drank too much light beer. She bounced back and forth from the Midwest to the east coast to the west coast and back again for acting gigs and formed a fantastic journey, littered with "happy accidents" that led her to fame and love. I mean, she met Christopher Guest at a Kellogg's commercial and ended up being one of his stars! How random and wonderful is that? This book was not super challenging but it was uplifting and entertaining.