Weight Loss Update

Yesterday was one month since I joined Curves and once a month they weigh and measure you. I already weigh myself at least once a day because I am neurotic so I knew I had lost but it's nice to have the other scale confirm it. I have officially lost 7 pounds. I had my body fat percentage done at the beginning and it was 38.6% and now it's 37.8% so that calculates to 4.41 body fat pounds lost. What's the other 2.59? Water?  My weight wearing pants, a tee shirt, socks and undergarments is 214 so I figure that's about 212 in the buff. That means, I'm very close to hitting my original short-term goal of 210 by my birthday. Do you think I can get down to 200? I've got a little over a month to see.
Curves also measures your bust , waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and arms. I guess overall I gained inches so I'm not really looking at that right now. I don't entirely trust the consistency of two different people measuring me. The lady that works there said the size differential is probably muscle gain so I'll just go with that. It was a couple inches up in one and a couple inches down in another so whatever. I have to say I'm extremely satisfied with my results. As of Monday I had gone 15 times to exercise. Potentially, I can go about 24 times a month so I'm still planning on kicking it up a notch. Last week they were closed on Good Friday so they killed my goal of going 5 days in a row but that's ok I guess. It's like every Monday I just hit my reset button and keep on trying to do my best.


Gen said...

kick ass mama!!

Keep up your dedication - they say it takes 21 days to make a habit, sounds like you are on your way to making it!

Jessica said...

You're awesome. I'm going to set that as my goal too (200 lbs by your birthday).