This Damn Book

Do you remember me mentioning the book I couldn't get into prior to reading The Hunger Games? This is it: Emotionally Weird by Kate Atkinson. I have read at least three of her other books and have reviewed them here and I can honestly say I counted her as one of my favorite authors. That's why I didn't give up on this book and went back to it after I put it down for quite some time on at least two occasions. I guess I only like her when she is writing her detective novels about Jackson Brodie.
This book was written almost as if she wanted to see what she could get away with and still get her book published. It's the story of a university student and her attempt to pry her mostly unknown history out of her mother by way of a series of random tales. Said tales were nonsensical at best and uninteresting at worst. There are so many characters that are briefly mentioned that I could barely keep track of them all. This book numbers 350 pages and it took 329 of them to finally get me interested and able to understand what exactly it was that I was reading.
The thing that really stuns me is that Entertainment Weekly, a source I often trust to send me on the right path with books and movies alike, gave this book an A- and actually said it was "A sparkling comic meditation on how authors choose to tell their stories." Comic my ass! Stories in the plural indeed! And they are all in this book! To boot, there is no rhyme or reason to any of them! Can you guys tell that I am furious? Ugh!

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Clearly I need to work on my ability to put a book down for good when it doesn't grab me almost instantly. Trust my instincts, so to speak.

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I still wanna read it.