Netflix Tuesday

Note it's not a "Two-sday" today. We only managed to watch one DVD this weekend and I blame an incredible lack of sleep thanks to some damn sinus thing and a baby that loves waking up at 5 a.m. And, of course, there's the return of Mad Men to television on Sunday nights. (On a side note: Why is that show so damn good? Betty is the least likeable character on television, hands down. Do I really like Don's new wife Megan? So much to ponder!) Luckily, our streak of mediocre rentals came to a screeching halt with Louis C.K.'s 2007 standup special Shameless. I only recently became aware of Louis C.K. and I am a huge fan. He had a bit part on Parks & Recreation as Leslie Knope's sweet cop boyfriend so naturally he's on my list of faves for that. I think we found another stand up special on Netflix though the name escapes me and I realized he makes me laugh the hardest I have laughed in some time. He's filthy dirty and always takes a joke one step too far and it usually involves masturbation. He's not even remotely politically correct and I love that about him. I was seriously exhausted after watching Shameless specifically after his description of his wife giving him the saddest hand job in the history of the world. If you don't mind blue humor and words like "faggot" being tossed around nonchalantly, then I highly recommend that you check him out. Just don't come crying to me if you're sensitive and hate it.


Andrea said...

Go here and buy it:


It's the same show I saw him do here in Phoenix. It's not as funny as "Shameless" but it's still pretty flippin' funny.

Plus, he sold it himself for $5, he made it easy to buy and use, he knew people would possibly torrent it and he did it the easy way anyway, he made a lot of money, he paid his people, he reimbursed himself, and then he donated a bunch of cash to charity. Supporting that is good, man.

Also, he's just fuckin' funny.

Coodence said...

Best movie review ever?