The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  • I am down 8 pounds. Clothed I weigh 213 so I am taking that as having achieved my 210 by my birthday goal.
  • I have been to Curves 15 times so far this month and next month I'm signing up for a year.
  • I've really been sticking to my work week diet quite well. I'm used to the oatmeal for breakfast and salads at lunch and fruits and veggies for snacks. After 12 weeks of not partaking in the candy dish at work, I'm pretty much officially declaring candy at work a thing of the past.
  •  I'll only be 34 for another 17 days. Doesn't 35 sound old? Like that is straight adult. There really is no denying it.
  • Casey's stroller sucks a big one but I wonder how much longer he will be using it and if a new one is justified but we're going to Disneyland in 4 weeks and there's no way I'm schlepping the one we have with us. No way.
  • At the rate I am losing weight, I won't be under 200 pounds for another 3 months or so. I guess after that my goal will be to weigh 160 by my 36th birthday, which is considered my ideal weight but I haven't seen since I was about 20 years old.
  • I'm still not in a smaller sized jeans which makes me wonder what these jeans were actually looking like when I was 8 pounds heavier. 
  • I burned my wrist on the pan while making a quesadilla and not only does it look ugly it feels ugly. Silver lining? Muppet bandaids.
  • My yard and fireplace which I hope to have pretty by the time my in-laws come in July.

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