Game Review Monday

Well, kids, I didn't see a movie this weekend but I did play one hell of a video game. As I mentioned on Haiku Friday, BFF and her husband Babe came over and we decided to act like we were young again. After imbibing a few beers around the chiminea outside, we decided to get our dance on. I have Wii and I have PS3 but I hardly play either of them. Back in the day we used to get our Rock Band on, though. Well, BFF brought over Just Dance 3 and I can honestly tell you this shit was hilarious. We would play winner so sometimes it would be me versus Husband or Cod versus Babe or me versus Cod or however but the best time would be when it was time for Husband and Babe to throw down against one another in my living room. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. The last time I danced that hard was at Crusty's wedding, that's for sure. Only Just Dance 3 was barefoot on my carpet as opposed to in high heels on hard wood so I didn't have the crippling pain associated with dance like that time. The only pain I was feeling was on Saturday after getting less than 3 hours of sleep after 2 gallons of beer. Partying like rock stars, indeed.

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