The House That I Built

It's fun being a home-owner but it feels like every time I turn around we have another project to tackle. The big one right now is our fireplace. The fireplace that currently houses our bunny's cage and allows him sanctuary when he is playing with the puppy. Right now it's this retro red brick mess with a mirror and I hate it with a passion. I don't need a mirror over the fire place. I already have one wall to the right of the fire place completely covered in mirrors and another decorative mirror across from the mirror over the fireplace. How many mirrors does one woman need!? My brother knows people (sounds mob-like, yes?) that can cover the brick with this fancy stone stuff  for not too much money so that's something that will probably be done this month. Maybe this time we'll actually take a before and after picture?
And then there are the yards! Goodness. What a mess. The backyard I hardly care about because we have the puppy to destroy it and most of it is covered in concrete anyway. The front, though, we have one entire empty flower bed by our front door that needs something in it soon. Mud is not the look I am going for. Over the weekend we planted some mums in the bed that is in front of our living room window. We covered the excess dirt in wood chips and I have to say for less than $100 we did a pretty good job making things look nice.We also have a flower bed on the side of the house that is overrun with weeds and dying plants and miscellany so I'm having an old high school friend come over to give attention to it. She's trying to start a small business and I like to help "the people." While Husband is amazing at mowing the lawn, I need someone to tend to weeds and edging and other upkeep. She quoted me $60 a month to come four times a month. I think it's a steal. And? I get free time... to clean the house. Yah...

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