Book Review Tuesday

I finished The Hunger Games on March 29th and immediately ordered the hardback trilogy on Amazon.com. I waited patiently until it arrived on the 16th of April and then dove into the second book, Catching Fire. I had it completely read in two days. Thank goodness for being able to subtly read in my cubicle on quiet work days because I was hooked on this one. I thought the first book was great but the second had me on the edge of my seat. I could not believe what I was reading. It's stunning to me that this is considered Young Adult fiction because quite frankly it's some of the best reading I have done in ages. Teenage protagonists do not a teenager book make. I am incredibly invested in these characters and this futuristic yet archaic society and I'm not even the least bit ashamed like I was when I was reading the Twilight books. And as much as I thought I was a Gale gal? Peeta won me over in this book. He and Katniss make such a bad ass team that I would gladly follow them into battle. Make sure you have all three of these lined up in a row if you haven't read them yet because when they close with their cliffhanger ending, you practically want to scream.

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Christine said...

Be prepared! You might have to lend me these when I come thru the Ox this summer! xoxo