And Then There Were None

I have to admit, I am glad I waited to read this trilogy when all three books were already were released otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have lost my mind waiting for them to come out one by one. I started Mockingjay last week and really tried to take my time to read it. To savor it. To make it last. I failed. As you have probably figured out by now, the first book was about the games and the second is about an all-star game and the beginning of the rebellion. This final installment takes us into the rebellion itself. My goodness. I don't know what kinds of things Suzanne Collins has seen or heard but to read the way she describes a war zone and the military training zone-slash-refugee district, you have to wonder how she is able to make it all appear so realistic. Characters you have grown to love die without notice. There is real pain and real trauma and it hurts to read the details of it all. My goodness. I cannot recommend these books more. The way they call to mind the holocaust and actual wars would actually push me to say this should be required reading. We should know the horrors human beings are capable of as well as acknowledge the bravery and power that lies within each of us.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Read these books.

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