Numbers & Morals

I have 10 days of Curves under my belt. When I signed up on March 9th, I weighed in at 221 pounds; I checked with the lady yesterday. This morning, I weighed myself and the scale said 215.5. That's a loss of 5.5 pounds. I am so very excited about this I could just scream. I think about now is usually when I would celebrate by diving into the candy drawer at work but I'm not going to do that and ruin 8 weeks of success. That's right! 2 months without eating candy at work. Damn, I'm good.
Someone I know joined Jenny and has lost nearly 20 pounds. There's also a gal on Facebook I used to go to high school with who has turned into a fitness fanatic and I'd be surprised if she has any body fat on her at all. She has 2 kids. Naturally, this has brought out a somewhat competitive nature in me. I also had the inspiration of trying to avoid being put on cholesterol medicine and some size 16 pants that were just way too tight.
So what have I been doing during the work week?
  • McDonald's oatmeal with fruit and nuts 
  • 2 cups of coffee with Splenda and almond milk
  • Banana
  • Curves for 30 minutes (so far I'm averaging 4 days a week)
  • Pre-packaged salad from Vons that is about 280 calories per serving
  • Handful of baby carrots
  • Water
  • Kashi Dark Mocha Almond Granola Bar
  • Apple
  • Walk the dog and the boy to the park (approximately 15 minutes total)
For dinner, I tend to eat whatever is being served or is lying around but in moderate portion sizes and I have 1 beer and a few M&Ms or mini eggs to curb my sweet tooth. The weekends tend to be somewhat of a free-for-all but I find that we generally only eat breakfast and dinner for the most part. It's the binge drinking of beer I do on the weekend that I really need to curb. But that doesn't matter! I'm being active and conscious. My goal is to weigh 200 pounds by my 35th birthday on May 12th so I have about 6 weeks to lose 15 pounds.

I'm really doing this!


Andrea said...

You ARE really doing this!! WOO!

Lurker Girl said...

Great Job Randi!! Keep up the great work. Slow and steady weight loss = success! Don't do the Jenny thing--onceyou go back to normal food, you gain it back. You are doing it the right way, eat less, move more---that is the ONLY way to be healthy

April said...

WOO HOO! Keep it up sister! Have you found that with eating smaller portions you're still full?

Lisa..... said...

WOw, good job!!!

Coodence said...

Hip! Hip! Hooray!!

Congrats dude!

Also, for the Jenny naysayers out there - I won't be gaining it all back. People need to lose weight in whatever ways fit their lifestyle and if that is your choice, to do Jenny or Weight Watchers or the Sonoma Diet, then I say more power to you. Jenny is almost exactly the same as weight watchers except you buy the food from them. I have done them both now and I can say for a fact that what they teach you, small portion sizes, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and exercising every day are tools that will serve you in life going forward.