A New Addition

Lately, Husband and I had gotten the itch to bring another dog in the house. The bunny is great, don't get me wrong, but he's not exactly loving or playful. He's mostly just something cute we get to look at and if he's feeling generous, he'll come up for a pet. Mostly, he just hides under the couch and drops little bunny turds in every room of our house. Little gifts. But I digress.
I started looking on petfinder.com and tried to contact a couple rescues through them. It was sort of discouraging because a lot of shelters seem to be a bit militant in their requirements. One wouldn't consider us simply because Casey is under the age of 5. We were also out of the mile radius they permitted for adoptions. Lots of rules and regulations. Strange questions on the application like "What brand of dog food would you feed the dog?" Um, why does it matter? What matters to me is that I will provide food, love, a home with a yard and I will make sure the pup is healthy. Several of my attempts at inquiry were not even responded to.
Since everyone wants you to rescue a dog when you're looking to get a puppy, I decided to go the way of looking at websites for the local shelters. Not too many puppies at a shelter and we had decided to go that route instead of an older dog because we want Casey and the puppy to grow up together. Most of the shelters around here are bursting at the seams with pit bulls and chihuahuas. Not exactly what we were looking for.
As a last resort, I checked craigslist yesterday. Lo and behold there was an ad for a 10-week old lab/boxer mix girl pup. Not only was she adorable with her black hair and white accents, but she was right around the right age and size we wanted in a dog. Husband called the number and at the end of my work day we headed out to Camarillo to meet the rescue lady. The clincher? When Husband asked about the dog, the lady said "Oh, the pup? We call her Casey." Talk about a sign.
The pup was as sweet as can be and she let us carry her without a struggle. All she wanted to do was lick our faces. The second she saw Casey her tail started wagging and she was determined to follow him around. We were in love at first sight. After we paid the lady the adoption fee, we were on our way with a sweet puppy on my lap the entire car ride home. She chased the bunny around the living room for a bit and then she slept beside my bed all night and never made a single peep.
We decided to name her Betty. Betty Boop, Betty Page and Betty Rubble all have black hair. Rizzo from Grease? Well her name is Betty, too. There's that song Black Betty. It just seems to fit her nicely. I imagine it won't be long until we start calling her lots of other things. Casey calls her puppy and Husband calls her sissy already. She's going to be a big girl, you can tell already. I'm not entirely convinced she doesn't have pit bull in her but it doesn't matter. She's a Friday now.


Christine said...

Betty Friday? Could she be ANY more pinup? I think she needs a bikini :) LOVE her! And super happy for your little family! xoxo

Coodence said...

She's perfect dude!