Netflix Two-sday

Friday night's flick was The Green Hornet. I guess I was riding the Seth Rogen high from last weekend's 50/50 and wanted to keep it going. I'm a fan of the super hero genre but this kind of has a twist to it. Rogen's character has a background similar to Iron Man with the rich father that makes him a playboy kind of son. The old man dies, Rogen finds out that his dad's former mechanic is really a wizard with machinery and together with him, he decides they should be superheros confused for villains. I'm not going to say that this movie was good or bad. It could have been better but there are some cool scenes, quite a few laughs and neat car chases. Husband fell asleep in the middle of it and that never happens. I really do love Seth Rogen though. Cameron Diaz is kind of an afterthought in this movie. I was confused by the casting.

Saturday night was Young Adult. The previews for this movie led me to believe it was a dark comedy, however, those previews were misleading. The story is about an almost 40-year old Mavis (Charlize Theron) who writes young adult novels, hence the title. She left her hick hometown where she was the popular girl for a big life in the big city. She realizes maybe she's not as fulfilled as she would like to be when her high school ex-boyfriend's new wife sends a birth announcement. She decides to go back home to win him back, completely delusional to the fact that he is a happily married father of a newborn. It's clear that Mavis has some problems with alcoholism as well as no relationship with her parents who have left her room exactly as it was 18 years go. She runs into a former classmate who was a dork in high school that she never noticed and they form this weird co-dependent friendship for the week she is in town. Yeah. Not funny at all. Other than the ex and his new wife, no one is really likeable at all in this movie. And they're all doing somewhat unlikeable things. Dammit, Diablo Cody. You're better than this.


Coodence said...

Werd. I will add Green Hornet to the queue and leave out the other one.

Andrea said...

I know I enjoyed "The Green Hornet" but I can't tell you anything about it. So, that's says something about that one.

I'm one of the people that agrees with the critics. I enjoyed "Young Adult." I really did. I was with you on thinking she was horrible until that scene at the baby shower, and then I just realized that she's broken. And then I totally switched and just felt so bad for her. That she's just so broken and sad and stuck in place. When the movie ended, I literally turned to my sister and said "I hope she's about to pull herself together." And I meant that. I really did.

I also thought Patton Oswald's character was quite likeable. He was the brutally honest person, though he's stuck in place, too, that Mavis so desperately needed to have. Even if she didn't really listen.

I liked it. And I still hope Mavis is able to get her shit together.