Movie Review Monday

Ever since I saw the red band trailer for 21 Jump Street, I had been itching to see it. It's rare that I laugh as hard as I did at a preview but I thought this movie looked hilarious. Yesterday, we got to see a rainy day matinee and all I can say is that I feel really bad for the guy sitting in front of me because I was laughing so hard I was literally screaming at the back of his head.
I didn't expect much from Channing Tatum other than a pretty face but by god is he hilarious. For being that gorgeous, he really has a good sense of humor about it. And Jonah Hill is just on a roll. I'm glad to see he's really making it. There are cameos by the TV show's stars Peter Deluise, Holly Robinson Peete, and yes, Johnny Depp. There are so many hilarious comedians in this that you'll recognize from some of the funniest TV shows and movies of the past few years.
The story is smart and takes itself somewhat serious while being completely asinine. The action scenes had me crunched up in my seat and the comedy had me dying. I can't ask for much more than that. Also? Keep an eye out for the lead kid played by James Franco's younger brother. He's a super cutie but also a pretty good actor. I know everyone's seeing Hunger Games right now but I hope 21 Jump Street doesn't get lost in the hype of all that. This movie really deserves its chance.


Coodence said...

I cant wait.

April said...

I've had several people now say this movie was awesomely funny. Joe and I are probably going to see it this weekend. I'll be honest, the previews didn't sell me on this one. When I told another friend this he said that they just couldn't show some of the funnier scenes because they're too graphic/dirty.