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If you have been a reader of my blog for any amount of time, I assume you have picked up on the fact that I love Will Ferrell and I love the Spanish language. When I realized he was making a movie spoken entirely in Spanish, I knew I had to be there. On opening day, I left work early and took in a matinee of Casa de mi Padre. I live in Oxnard, California, a town with a thriving Mexican population that spans many generations. It seems that a good sample of that population decided to see the movie with us. There was quite a crowd for a 3 o'clock show that ranged from abuelitos to the sort of thuggish younger group. I can confidently say Husband and I were the only white people in the theater to which he commented "I wonder how many of these people are going to walk out."
It seemed like a reasonable question. If you ask the random passerby, they either loved or hated Anchorman. The thing about Will Ferrell comedies, in general, is that they are pretty much the dumbest things you are ever going to see. I've never known a person to be on the fence about Will Ferrell... he is quite polarizing. I will say that I laughed tremendously hard at Casa de mi Padre, all the while saying "This is so stupid." But it was funny. Period. And I wasn't the only one laughing. The abuelitos were laughing, the thugs were laughing. Everyone laughed at the same things and they laughed hard.
What surprised me about the cast was that there were legit Mexican actors in this film. Diego Luna and Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal are well regarded in all of the serious roles I have seen them in but sure managed to pull the laughs. And Will Ferrell? Well aside from speaking Spanish really well, he was actually the straight man in this one. If you go on Rotten Tomatoes, you'll see the critics give this movie about a 40% but the fans give it an 80%. And that's just the way it is with Will Ferrell. If you love him, you love him. If you don't, well... there's not much he can do to change your mind. I would totally recommend this one though. If only to see a gringo sort of pull it off as a Mexican.

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