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We've been doing our best to see the Oscar winners and made it to see The Artist on Saturday. I swear, a Saturday matinee with Husband is what I live for. We get a popcorn, sprinkle in some Reese's Pieces and share a Pepsi and just snuggle for about 90-minutes while indulging in eye candy and actual candy. It's the best thing ever. I'm pleased to report that The Artist did not disappoint. I had no idea what to expect, really. This movie is entirely in black and white and there basically is no sound other than musical accompaniment.
Jean Dujardin, Best Actor winner, really came across like a true movie star. He spoke literally two words in this movie and the rest of his character came through via body language and facial expressions (on a good looking face nonetheless!). He wasn't a one trick pony that just hammed it up for the camera. You could literally see his feelings in the way he held himself. It was unlike any performance I have ever seen before. The story is about a silent motion picture actor who gives a young woman her start in show business. Before he knows it, she's the one who is the star and his silent movies are going the way of the dodo. There's drama, romance and comedy along with an outstanding dance number. There's literally not a word spoken until moments before the credits roll. Unbelievable.
And we can't forget the dog! That talented Jack Russel Terrier is in nearly every scene and manages to steal most of them. Turns out, he's 10 years old and now moving on to retirement. Such a nice way to go out right? On top? I highly recommend you give this movie a chance if only to watch a movie as you have probably never watched a movie before. It was a trip to not have solely your ears to rely on. Plus? Everyone and their mother has a supporting role in this movie so it's neat to say "Hey, that's that guy!" every time you turn around.

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You and your movie reviews and books!! I can't wait to read and watch movies again. Until then, keep making this list on your blog for me to revisit.