Damn You, Diane Sawyer

Do you spend all your time with your kids, doing chores, taking care of everyone else but yourself? If so we want to hear from you. Use the link below to send us a list of all the things you did today instead of taking time for yourself and a producer may contact you.
This was on the World News with Diane Sawyer's Facebook page yesterday. I looked at that question and thought to myself, "Yes, that's pretty much me to a T." I clicked on the comments and one woman said "All mothers should be doing that." I pondered on that one for a moment. Is that true? Are mothers just supposed to sacrifice everything to be a mother? Because they're mothers?
I can't recall the last time I had a mani/pedi. Was it when I treated Crusty and myself just before her wedding on October 1st? I had many a prenatal massage but I can't recall but one postnatal and I don't even remember when that was. I guess I get a haircut every couple of months but even that is a quick thirty minutes of "me time." Splurging on clothes now means buying jeans in a larger size because the others are cutting off my circulation. Or maybe it means grabbing some $8 tee shirts off the rack at Target. God forbid I actually have to dress up for something because I have nothing even semi-formal.
I hardly even look forward to the weekend because I know it means I have to clean the house and do all our laundry and definitely scrub the bunny cage. Either Husband or I is distracting the baby while the other is handling some kind of task. He handles the yard and the cooking but pretty much everything else falls on me. Let's not forget that he is gone A LOT. Right now he's in Hawaii and I get to play single mom until the 13th at midnight.
So yes, I guess being a mother does sort of make me an afterthought. Would I change it anything? Not for the world. Do I mind that I'm overweight? Maybe a little but that's only until Casey is giggling while mashing my belly and poking his finger deep into my belly button. I think all this extra padding just makes him want to snuggle me more. It sure doesn't slow us down when we spend every free second wrestling and playing. And he never looks at me like he minds that maybe my hair and makeup could be better. He doesn't seem to care that I'm not dressed to the nines. He just loves me because I'm mom.


Andrea said...

I know that my opinion on this doesn't really matter much as I'm not a Mom, but I have a Mom. And my sister is a Mom. And I know Moms and I read Mom blog and Mom magazines and yeah.

Every single thing that I've ever read validates my opinion on this subject:

In order to take care of the house and the husband and the kids and the bunny and the everything, one must also take care of one self. It is not selfish, it's necessary. It's taking care of the family to also take care of oneself. In whatever way "taking care of yourself" means. If it means going out alone to take photographs for an hour one a week, do that. Whatever it means, do it.

It just feeds your soul. It feeds your spirit. It refuels your tank. It makes you more open and refreshed and able to take care of the family and those around you and all of that in a positive manner.

So, it makes me sad when I read other Moms saying "I'm a Mom, of course I have to give up everything."

You have to keep you happy and healthy in order to keep those around you happy and healthy.

The end.

Coodence said...

Oh shopping. What an afterthought that is.

I think all moms struggle with this, as well as most people who work fulltime and try to have any kind of life. When else are you supposed to do anything when you work 40+ hours a week?

I wish three day weekends were the norm!