Two For Tuesday

First up is Captain America. Husband basically demanded that he get a superhero movie off his queue after I made him watch that sad story about a man's dying gay dad. Go figure. Let me just say, I love me a superhero story. I really do. I had no knowledge of Captain America's story but after watching this movie, I have to admit, I am a huge fan. This movie about an experiment that turns a patriotic weakling into a musclebound American hero who leads the troops to victory against a bunch of Nazis. It is 100% cheesy but I really liked it a lot. I am now super pumped up for the upcoming Avengers movie and actually excited about getting Thor off our queue next. Yup. We're on a roll.

Husband and I finally got back to the theater yesterday thanks to observing the Presidents and having a sitter for Casey. Since the Oscars are this weekend and we had been beaten over the head with advertisements for this film, we went to see The Descendants starring George Clooney who I consider one of the last true movie stars of our time. The previews led me to believe that I would need my hankies handy for the span of this film but it turned out to be not nearly as sad as I thought it would be. It was quite comical at parts, very touching at others. It's not a very fast paced movie but it wasn't so slow that I lost interest either. Kudos go to the young women who played Clooney's daughters, they were really brilliant. And Clooney himself has never looked older yet still remains so very sexy. He is able to make any character just seem effortless even though the emotions he had to portray in this movie were raw at best. Hawaii is a gorgeous supporting role in and of itself. I think if there is a lesson to be taken from The Descendants it's that money isn't everything. Work should not keep you from living. And some things simply aren't for sale. But mostly, it really drives home the importance of family. I really thought it was just great, definitely deserving of the Oscar nominations that have been thrown at it.

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