Tuesday Numbers

Since I'm lacking inspiration and both BFF & Crusty did this today I figured I would too.
  • My favorite uncle Bubbo turns 53 years old today. It's neat that we are so close even though 19 years separate us.
  • I stepped on the scale this morning after eating a banana, a cup of oatmeal, drinking 2 cups of coffee and emptying my bowels and bladder. I was wearing a pair of Chucks, socks and underwear, a tee and jeans and I weigh 221. Not great.
  • Paying the tax man left us with only $225 in our savings account. I know I have money elsewhere if I need it but that just makes me feel like an irresponsible adult and parent.
  • This weekend we sold some of Casey's things at an impromptu garage sale and made about $44 dollars. Not too shabby. Can't wait to sell the rest of them.
  • This weekend we also cashed in some loose change for $61.50 and were able to use that money to feed our 2 friends that came up from the LBC with their 2 kiddos. Hooray for visits and yummy dinner!
  • Our mortgage account refunded us about $114 and told us our mortgage would decrease $50 a month starting in April. HOLLER!
  • I have successfully avoided the office candy stash for 2 weeks. This week starts week 3. I can do this!

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Gen said...

You can totally do it! Awesome news about the mortgage, I love when we get that news but it hasn't happened in a couple of years :( Yay for making some side cash. Ease up on your weight lady! Your making small changes, it will start to come off :)