Movie Review Monday

As I had foreshadowed in the last movie review I posted, we watched Thor this weekend. I didn't realize it until the credits rolled at the end, but this movie was directed by Shakespearean actor du jour, Kenneth Branagh. That's kind of random right? I mean, this is schmaltzy super hero stuff, not Shakespeare! Thor has a lot of the mythology wrapped up in it, though, so I can see how his expertise lent a hand here. There is a pretty high caliber of actors in this movie which was surprising. I mean, Anthony Hopkins? Natalie Portman? These are Oscar winners. Thor is definitely not Oscar material.
Chris Hemsworth sounds exactly like Heath Ledger in The Patriot which is something Husband said more than once. And it's because both actors are Australian and not using their native accent. I hope I didn't ruin the movie for you. Hemsworth is totally hot, plays naively arrogant and provided quite a few moments of comedic relief. However, it took me a while to warm up to Thor. Most of it was pretty cheesy and the whole mystical "realm" was a bit too sci-fi for me. Toward the end I was hollering at the screen for Thor to "Get it!" though so I guess it wasn't a total bust. It certainly stoked the fire of anticipation I have for The Avengers once again. And I would like to take this opportunity to publish the fact that Natalie Portman has the best eyebrows in show business. Oh and it was great to see Rene Russo again. That is all.

Edit: I'm also probably never allowed to see another movie with Stellan SkarsgÄrd in the cast as I said his last name no less than 100 times... basically every time he was on screen.

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