Movie Review Monday

Because Oscar season is upon us, I rented Beginners starring Ewan McGregor as the son and Christopher Plummer of The Sound of Music fame as the dad. Plummer is nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for this film and I think he deserves the nomination. He plays a man who comes out of the closet in his 70s after his wife dies and is pretty shortly thereafter diagnosed with cancer.The way this movie was "sold", I assumed it was going to focus on the relationship between a son and his father after the revelation. Instead, we got this emo sort of tale about the son trying to take a chance at love with a French actress who is sort of a commitment-phobe. For some reason, the dog "talks" and McGregor and his Frenchwoman can hear him. You would think this would have provided some comic relief but you'd be thinking wrong. Husband felt this movie was very French or film noir in style but I just think it's lame. I'm disappointed that Entertainment Weekly made me believe it would be great. It just wasn't. Mostly it was just depressing and long and slow. It's sad to think this was actually based on someone's real life experience. I hope I don't run into that dude.


Christine said...

I listened to an interview with the dude who this movie is based on. It sounded like the Dad was supposed to be real funny (and the whole situation just sounds ludicrous). I was hoping it would be better!

Lisa..... said...

Thanks, I don't have to watch it now! Will has been trying to get me to watch it. I had a feeling it wouldn't be that great.