Movie Review Monday

When I saw the preview for Hanna (starring Eric Bana), it led me to believe it was about a kick-ass wilderness chick out for vengeance. While there were a couple of moments that Hanna (starring Eric Bana) actually was "that movie" for the most part it was not. Here's the scoop. Eric Bana has his daughter out in the woods and in isolation and is training her to be crazy strong and self-sufficient like a warrior. She tells him she's ready, hits a switch and all of a sudden Cate Blanchett is on the lookout for the two of them.
Turns out Cate Blanchett messed with Hanna's DNA after Eric Bana recruited Hanna's mom from the abortion clinic in Poland for a crazy experiment. Well, while Hanna's on this mission/on the run from Cate Blanchett, people are dying left and right but Hanna is getting a taste of what it's like not living in isolation. She catches a ride on some hippie family's bus and ... yeah. I am even bored writing this. When it's not some exploration of self-discovery movie, it's a goddamn techno music video with strobe lights, fighting and running. It made no sense. I am so glad I watched The Help on Thursday otherwise the Netflix deliveries would have been a bust this week. Stupid Hanna.


Gen said...

I truly enjoy Movie Review Monday!

Going to put The Help in my Netflix queue but definitely bypassing Hanna.

Coodence said...

I agree with Gen! Movie Review Monday is a thumbs up!