Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good
  • We got a replacement bunny last night. He's Bubba's brother and already 5 months old. He's a little more skittish but I think he'll fit in just fine as soon as he gets used to his new digs. Hopefully he can't sense his brother's death in our house, right?
  • We paid off the tax man and a bunch of dumb miscarriage bills. Even though it killed our savings account, it felt good not having to stress about where to find the money.
  • I get to meet Cindita's new bebeh this weekend! Hooray for out of town visitors!
The Bad
  • Money's going to be a little tight for a while
  • Husband is going to Hawaii for without me for like 9 days at the beginning of next month. I am used to him being gone during the week but not having him home for the weekend suuuucks.
  • How many times I have fucked up at work today and it's barely 9 a.m.
The Ugly
  • Pre-period headaches that last a couple days thanks to being back on the Nuva Ring
  • Starting my period in the middle of the night
  • Still having this fucking headache

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