Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good
  • Husband comes home tonight after his first four days away in like a month.
  • Three-day weekend and Casey at a sitter Monday which means date day for me and Husband!
  • The healthy way I have been eating this week for the most part except for the misstep of eating the yucky generic hostess cupcake wannabe that wasn't even worth it.

The Bad

  • We owe $1195 to the State of CA so now my deductions have changed and I bring home $56 less a paycheck. Husband changed his too so I can't wait to see how much less he brings home! WEE!
  • We still owe money toward my miscarriage.
  • We still have to pay the lady who prepared our taxes.

The Ugly

  • Our front and back yards and I guess that's how they'll stay
  • Our fireplace and I guess that's how it'll stay
  • This huge zit on my cheek though I hope that goes away


Andrea said...

Your Bad is quite similar to My Bad.

ha. My bad.

You know what I mean.

We can be bad together.

Lisa..... said...

We owe $2200 to state and federal. Sucks.

No Hollywood Bowl tickets for us this year.