Bubba the Bunny

Husband and I are pet people. Growing up, I had a fish, a lizard, a bunny, a cat and two dogs. He grew up on a farm and was a hunter so he has just sort of always been around animals. When we first moved in together, we had The Cat but we all know how that story ended. Then it was just Kiyah and in October she had to be put down. If you've always had an animal around, not having one seems very odd. We weren't ready to get another dog and a cat was out of the question so we decided to get a bunny.
When I lived in LA a million years ago, a girl I knew had a bunny that was potty trained. It hopped around her house and used a litter box and I thought that was super neat. When I had a bunny, it lived in a cage outside and was not very social at all but I always imagined getting a bunny just like hers. Husband did some research and found a farm via craigslist and took the boy out there and came home with a Mini Rex bunny of our own. It was $40 but its house and food ended up running about $100 more.
At first its name was Beaux but that was too close to "no" for Casey's comfort. In an effort to say "bunny", Casey said "Bubba" and thus the bunny's new name was born. I figured this bunny would just be chill and hop around the house but for the most part I assumed it would ignore us. Man, was I wrong. This bunny is all up in our business. It comes up to you to be pet and will even hop on your lap if you are sitting on the ground. Recently, I was lying on my stomach on the floor and it hopped up on my butt and walked around on my back. Last night, it jumped from the floor onto the couch so I would pet him. Bunnies also like to climb. I did not know this but it'll perch right up on my shoulder if I let it.
All it does other than run around our house and wreak havoc is shit and eat. Good lord. I thought a once a week cage cleaning was all that was in my future but it looks like it's a three-times-a-weeker. Thank goodness it only goes potty in its cage though. I rarely find accidents outside of the cage. It eats carrots and popcorn and celery. Yesterday, it stole one of Casey's goldfish crackers and Casey took it right back out of its mouth and ate it. Casey doesn't fear the bunny at all. He pets it and it sits on his lap. I often find the two of them reading books together in the morning. It's just out of control. So there you have it. I just thought you should know my bunny is a weirdo.


Coodence said...

You finally found something to walk on your back.

That story about Queso and Bubba is freaking cute.

April said...

That's pretty damn cool. Seriously. I mean, it's a pain that you have to clean up a couple times a week, but when you consider that you have to do a lot more work for a dog daily, seems not as bad. Plus, bunnies are cute.

Andrea said...

Dude...you just made me want a bunny! I had no idea they were so social and personable. I want a bunny to walk around on my back!