Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the kick-off of the Lenten season and usually BFF and I give something up together. It's almost always candy. This year she was silly and suggested we give up beer. I immediately countered with "But then what would I have to live for?" And it was settled that beer would never be sacrificed. For anyone. Ever.
I've given some thought as to what I should sacrifice for the next 46 days and I really have to say that I'm uninspired to do so this year. I already feel like I've started down the road of sacrifice because I want to lose weight, you know? Like last week, my co-worker was on vacay and I spent all that week eating salads for lunch and fruit and granola for snacks. I did not touch the candy dish ONCE! I really did it. According to my scale, I've lost 2 pounds in a week. Considering I'm about to start my period today, I think that's really good.
I realize that I'm probably never going to be a size 10 again and I'm ok with it. My cholesterol was down the last check up I had. My thyroid is normal despite the fact that it was once hypo and I used to have to take meds to keep it level. It's these goddamn antidepressants and my love of beer that make me the voluptuous woman I am right now. Frankly, I'm not willing to give up either one of them. I realized that even on antidepressants, I still have the ability to get sad and get mad, I just don't get psycho. I think it's what's best for me and Husband. As for the beer, well, I just love it.
Anyway, back to the sacrificing. I also feel like Husband & I have sacrificed going out and eating out a lot lately because my son is in the "I will scream my head off if I don't get my way" phase of his life. So we eat meals at home and do inexpensive things like go on hikes and go to the park instead of spending a bunch of coin on entertainment. We either go to friends' houses or they come to ours. Monday's date day was the first time we've gone out to breakfast and a movie in ages and it was really a treat. That's how things should be right? A treat?
So for Lent, and for the foreseeable future I hope, I'm just going to continue down the path of few indulgences. I don't gorge on sweets. I am not gluttonous when it comes to food. I admit I can get a little carried away with the beer imbibing but I'm not a drunk. I am going to cool it on going out to lunch every day like I had been. I'm going to stick to the salads and fruits and see if I can't lose a couple more pounds. I'll keep my hand out of the candy drawer here at the office and that's that. It's much more than I'd been doing before.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Less is more.

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April said...

Sounds like a smart plan. =)