So Long, January

What more fitting way is there to bid adieu to a month than going for a blood draw and urine sample at the start of your day? Looking back on the month I'd say a lot has gone one. Casey and I went up to my old stomping grounds at Camp Ramah to bid adieu to an old friend and co-worker who moved from LA to NY. We joined some friends in celebrating their son's first birthday. We hung with some new friends at BFF's pad to watch Green Bay blow their playoff game. Then we closed it out with that trip to Big Bear. Not too shabby.
Casey had a doctor's visit that was the most excruciating thing to ever happen to him. Apparently stripping down to get on a scale is as cataclysmic an event for a one year old as it is for my fat ass. Ha! I saw the OBGYN and he told me to get knocked up again because he was "optimistic" and I decided to go back on the ring. I saw my primary physician and he is the one that sent me for today's blood draw. He apparently saw how much weight I have gained and thought it best to check my cholesterol and thyroid. Always a good time. I had this feeling like I had just been to the phlebotomist and I couldn't figure out why. When I got there, I realized I had just been there for the pregnancy screening and it gave me a case of the sadz but not too heavy because I'm on Prozac again.
Yup. Prozac. I gave in. I guess I just have to accept that there is something off kilter in my system and I just need something to help level me out. Yesterday was the first Monday in a long time that I didn't lose my shit at work. I think Bossman may have noticed something was off because he really tried to get my goat a couple times but I just didn't give in. Ultimately, I think Prozac just keeps me from being super passionate about dumb shit. Does that make sense? So something that normally wouldn't really bother a "normal" person, will drive me crazy mad. Yeah. I don't know. I'm on it and we'll see how it goes I guess.

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