Movie Review Monday - Double Feature

We had to make up for lost time having not seen any movies in a Michigan theater. On Friday I only had to work until noon but Maria didn't know this so Husband and I had a free pass to see a movie. We had thought about going to see the second Sherlock Holmes installment but decided on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol solely based on Rotten Tomatoes approval ratings. Beforehand we had some Taiwan beer at China Square to loosen us up. I say this only because while it may have added to the fun we had, it was also detriment because I actually had to pick a time when I could go pee! Let me tell you, this movie is action and suspense packed. I know it's hip to hate Tom Cruise but he really is a movie star in the very sense of the word. Add to that an incredible supporting cast and the fact that Brad Bird of Incredibles fame was behind the scenes and there is really no way this movie could go wrong. I think some of the story is obviously slightly far fetched but who goes to a movie like this for credibility? I prefer to go and see stupendous stunt sequences only to find myself laughing at how close to the edge of my seat and/or jumping out of my own skin I come. Excellent holiday movie. I totally recommend it and endorse EW's A rating. As an added bonus, the Swedish Mikael Blomkvist is the bad guy!

Speaking of Mikael Blomkvist, we decided to take advantage of having today off and took in the matinee of the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. You may recall when I devoured both the book trilogy and the three Swedish movies in a matter of three week's time. I thought maybe seeing this version might be overkill but all this hype about Rooney Mara taking over the role of Lisbeth Salander (EW is particularly guilty of this) piqued my interest. Add to the fact that Se7en director David Fincher was at the helm and that was really a game changer for me. There is a lot of shit talking about cocky Americans feeling the need to improve upon the Swedish film as if there is no room for improvement. We're talking about a book that is on the cusp of being 600 pages. Seems to me there is a very good chance that two movies can have completely separate ways to tell such an epic tale. My feelings were officially validated after seeing the movie. I'm not sure if it was the casting or the locale or maybe Fincher was allotted a bigger budget, but I felt his movie nailed it. The opening sequence alone was well worth my $6.75 admission. Mara's hype is well-earned. If you had the opportunity to see this beauty in her small Social Network role where she breaks up with Zuckerberg and compared it to her role as Salander, you would never know it was the same actress. Just a fair warning to those who have not had the pleasure of reading the book or seeing the other movies: this is a GRAPHIC movie that is often quite hard to watch.
So how about it? We're two for two in the movie theater! I recommend either one wholeheartedly. Do I sense a comeback?

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Coodence said...

Dude! I want to see mission impossible, too! We were deciding between MI, sherlock 2 and the girl with the dragon tattoo. We went with dragon tattoo and I was also VERY impressed. Boy it was good. I want to see the swedish version now, too!

my secret work is "defil" which is sort of like "defile" which has a lot to do with said movie.