Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good
  • Casey let me sleep until quarter to 7 today! After several pre-6 wake ups, this is epic.
  • Spending this weekend in Big Bear with BFF & Co.
  • My period came back!

The Bad

  • Getting a bill for $155 for the "interpretation of your biopsy or specimen"
  • Coming to the realization that I must go back on Prozac after one too many mood swings.
  • Accompanying the return of the period is the return of the Nuvaring as I have decided that another child is definitely not something I want but condom-less sex is.

The Ugly

  • Casey's temperament for the past week because he's had a cold.
  • How much our bunny poops.
  • 220 on the scale.

1 comment:

April said...

I am an expert in medical billing (sadly) so if you ever have a question or doubt your bill, HOLLA!

Glad your flow came back. Um, that is officially one of the weirdest things I've ever said to a person.

Oh, and I told you on FB, but I heard bunnies taste like Chicken. Poop problem solved.