Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good
  • Found an excellent backup sitter situation for when Maria has emergencies
  • Got an "all-clear" from the OBGYN this morning
  • Had a nice dinner with 3 of Husband's Navy buddies last night. 1 brought me wine, 1 flowers and the other a cheese and meat platter. My favorite things!
The Bad
  • That Maria's brother had to die for me to find a sitter backup
  • How I felt leaving my OBGYN and walking into a room full of preggos
  • My addiction to Words With Friends
The Ugly
  • I drank a whole bottle of wine last night so I imagine around 3 my hangover will come a'knockin'
  • My complexion is that of a 14-year old going through puberty so methinks Aunt Flo is right around the corner
  • How much I crave candy while at the workplace

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