Big Bear In Pictures

The kids watching Yo Gabba Gabba and co-existing nicely.

41 bottles of beer on the wall! 41 bottles of beer!

Casey at Big Bear Lake with the ducks

Finished that puzzle like a boss!


One thing I love about being in SoCal is that I can be at the beach in a matter of minutes and on a snowy mountain top by a lake in a matter of a few hours. What I love most about SoCal, though, is that now little trips like these with BFF & Co. are things we actually get to do instead of talk about doing now that they're no longer in NY. Sasha and Casey are only 2 months apart and it's really neat that they get to grow up together. This weekend was so chill. We got to drink beer and play games and sit in a hot tub and watch the kids play. I mean, dang. What a nice way to end January.

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