Tummy Thursday

12 weeks today. Fetus is the size of a lime. I wear stretch pants now. Finally succumbed and bought a pair of maternity jeans. My friend Cindy just popped and I'm waiting for her maternity clothes so I don't want to indulge too much in the purchasing of more. I'm frugal.
I tried to schedule an appointment for the first trimester screening for Down's but it turns out the one appointment they had where the timing was right is the week that we're in Michigan so the fates made the decision for us. I sort of didn't want to do it anyway and now I can't so there you have it. We have the second trimester screening on January 25th where they will do a blood draw and a sonogram and we should be able to see if Segundo is a boy or a girl.
As much as Husband is convinced he can't put a girl in me, I kind of am leaning in that direction. I don't feel at all like I felt with Casey. Right around this time with him, I was puking my guts out at least three times a day whereas currently I want to devour anything and everything that crosses my path.
So far I have had only one concern and that is with DISCHARGE. I may as well just be bold about it. Apparently it's normal but I don't recall this with my first pregnancy. I had a tummy ache the other day and when I went potty a sort of dark looking clump was in the potty that may or may not have looked like old blood. Yuck. The tummy ache was just because I had to poop so I'm not super worried but yeah... the body does some tricky shit when you're preggo.

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Coodence said...

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time! So blessed and womanly.

Vomit, bloody clumps, discharge.

You said it.