Tummy Thursday

I'm 11 weeks today and the fetus is the size of a fig. I had an OBGYN visit this morning but it's still too soon to hear the heart beat. I've already gained 4 pounds in the month since I was last there. It's because this pregnancy, I am starving. All the time. I want to eat everything I see and then some. With it being the holidays, there are sweets and treats all over my office at all times. I have no will power. I'm going to have to find it soon, though, or I'm going to find myself weighing 250 pounds when I give birth again. She's a brick house, ladies and germs.
On another note, my sister-in-law had to give up dairy to breastfeed and I'm thinking I might try to jump on that band wagon after the baby is born, too. I don't want to do it now because I think it's important to get all the nutrients I can now while the fetus is baking. After the first of the year (because dieting during the holidays is a joke) I'm thinking of cutting way back on a lot of stuff and trying to go very raw oriented. More fruits and veggies than carbs. Ease up on the meat and dairy. Not only for my weight, but my health as well. Bitch has high cholesterol, you know. And when I was full o' Casey, my blood pressure was redonk.
On a final note, the Doc was asking if I wanted to do the screening and/or amniocentesis for Down's and I just don't think so this time. I guess the odds of me having a baby with Down's is 250/100 at my age. I just figure the baby will be born when I'm 35 but I'm baking it when I'm 34 so I don't want to worry. I also wouldn't abort the baby or give it up for adoption if it did have Down's so what's the point. Any thoughts on this, women out there? Drop me a comment.


fyrchk said...

A friend of mine had the amniocentesis during her pregnancy and they told her everything was fine. But, her daughter was born with Down's. I know she's more the exception than the norm, but just wanted to throw my 1/2 a cent in.

libelletage.com said...

My friend's doctor told her the same thing, are you going to do anything different based on the news? The why take the risk.

I had an amniocentesis because my AFP was high. I was 20. No one explained the risks or even that I would have to lay around after for 24 hours until that day when I was about to go home. I don't know if I would have done it if I had known ahead of time. And, my kid was fine.