Movie Review Monday

While in Michigan, we had high hopes that Casey would stay with his grandparents and we would be able to go to a movie every day. Unfortunately, Casey turned into the devil in Michigan and I didn't dare leave my in-laws with a monster. We ended up watching The Social Network on cable, though, and it was quite good. I have mixed emotions about Jesse Eisenberg. Something about his face or the way he talks. I find it distracting. However, as an actor in this film, I thought he was quite believable as a brilliant nerd who was not exactly likable. The movie itself was a bit long and a bit chatty but I totally recommend it.
I'm addicted to Facebook. It's no secret. It was fascinating to see the steps that made it came about. How the word "Facebook" itself has become a noun and a verb. After watching The Social Network, it seemed like I heard more and more people on the street talking about how they didn't want such and such to end up on Facebook. In a store in Frankenmuth, there was a shirt that says "What happens tonight ends up on Facebook tomorrow." It's such a cultural movement, woven deeply into our every day lives. This movie really made me think about what that means. Facebook isn't just a website, it's a way of life for goodness sake.
Just on a personal side note, I remember waiting until Husband said it was ok to tell Facebook we were expecting again. Just the random pregnancy posts and whatnot. It's so strange to me that I can't - that I won't - tell Facebook we miscarried... that there's a stigma to it. Something so taboo that I'm practically depending on posts about beer drinking to sort of relay the hint that I'm no longer pregnant. Yet just the other day, a friend of mine took to his wall to tell his friends that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Truly something to ponder, eh?


Andrea said...

You use Facebook however you want. I've had a friend who miscarried post it on Facebook. It was a short, informative update to the most people without having to talk about it over and over and over. Nobody, that I saw, said anything negative about it.

If you WANT to say something there, then do. It's your information, it's your news, it's your friends, etc.

Don't worry about the others. Worry about you.


Gen said...

I've yet to see that movie but I have watched the CNBC special The Facebook Obsession. I'm sure that was written about me ;)

Facebook has definitely become a lifeline for many. I'm actually deactivating mine on the New Year. I need a break from the obsession, to focus on real life networking.

As for announcing the loss, it's a personal choice. Your posts about beer might clue some people in.

Facebook isn't "quiet" anymore. I see a lot of things I wish I didn't.

Jessica Muzio said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had a miscarriage, Randi. I understand why you don't want to share the news on Facebook like you would happy news, but I also support people doing whatever they need to do to heal after a loss. XOXO.

Coodence said...

I'm one of those peeps who said no to the facebook post re: miscarriage. I didn't think about that because it was taboo. I guess my love hate with facebook has a lot to do with deep shit and condolences on facebook and that kind of thing. But I don't live facebook the same way you do, and if you want to put it up there then you should.

Not that you didn't just because I said not to, obvi.