I've Created A Monster

Naturally, before the movie even hit theaters, I had already purchased The Muppets original soundtrack. It's got some groovy tunes on there and I'm totally obsessed so it is what it is. What I didn't realize was that my obsession was contagious. We have this room that is dedicated to music books and DVDs. It's known as the study or the library or the bar. It's the room of requirements, if you will. When we want to listen to a CD, we sit in there and play. Casey grew quite fond of the Muppet soundtrack almost instantly.
I normally wouldn't do this, but I gave him the booklet that goes inside the jewel case. He will sit there for sometimes a half hour straight, quietly thumbing through the dozen or so pages that have pictures of the Muppets and the lyrics to the song. If we're not in the room and he wants to go there, he'll grunt and point and do a little movement that is his equivalent of dancing to gesture that it is time to go into the room of requirements and throw on the CD. This has become a daily, sometimes twice daily, occurrence. He lives for it.
I mean, how stoked am I that the kid loves the Muppets? He watches the old TV show on DVD, the old movies, he has dolls of Gonzo, Fozzie, Kermit and Animal. All he wants to do is look at pictures of Muppets. It's incredible! And here comes the inevitable "but". But, every time Muppet time is over, Casey throws a temper tantrum. He cries real tears and he cries them for quite a while. On Monday when we had to put away the CD so mama could go to work and he could go to the sitter, he even did that thing where kiddos go limp and throw themselves and ended up busting his lip on my knee cap.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Man. I thought I loved the Muppets...


Andrea said...

Aunt Andrea is pleased by this.

Even the temper tantrum. Good show, Casey. Way to show the love.


Coodence said...

I wonder where they learn that going limp thing, you know ?