Another Movie!

Boy do I love seeing that little red envelope in the mail that has a very special DVD just for me. Getting around to actually watching the DVD presents itself as a challenge though. I can't seem to stay awake at night and have a hard time really focusing on movies I want to really focus on. So after a two-night viewing, we finished up The King's Speech last night.
What a fantastic film filled to the brim with fantastic actors. I cannot praise Colin Firth appropriately with words. He's simply brilliant. It pained me to see him stammer his way through this film and at the end I felt like bursting into a round of applause for him. It was also wonderful to see Helena Bonham Carter step away from her standard unusual fair and present herself as a supportive wife, mother and queen. You could literally see the pain behind her eyes as she watched her husband struggle with his speech impediment. Brilliant. And, for the record, if history was presented to me like this in High School, I may know much more than I do now.
For those of you who read this blog and think that I'm extra hard on movies that are simply mediocre, this is why. Movies should make you feel something inside whether they are stupidly moronic like Step Brothers or Tommy Boy or if they are gut-wrenching and sad like A Beautiful Life or The King's Speech. I feel passionately that you should step away from a film either with your cheeks in pain from smiling or your eyes a bloody mess from weeping. That is why I review the movies the way I do. Perhaps I'm too emotionally entwined in them but I want a film to transport me from reality and I want to enjoy my time there, be it a 90-minute visit or a 2-hour plus stay.

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