Weekend Wrap Up

In an effort to be more consistent in blogging, I've decided to just get on in here and ramble until something of significance inspires me.
  • It seems as though every weekend, although it is never written in stone, we end up doing something. Saturday we had Kitty over for her birthday dinner and yesterday Gran came over. I wonder when Husband and I will ever just get a weekend to ourselves.
  • We were talking about lack of sleep thanks to the time change and I estimate the next time I will have the ability to sleep a full night's sleep will be when this baby in my womb turns 18. How old will I be? Oh, about 55.
  • Casey keeps saying a sound that resembles turtle but I found out today it also means "todo" which is Spanish for "all." When he's done eating, he says "todo." All this time I was thinking he wanted to talk about turtles. He makes the very same sound when looking at his turtle flashcard, by the way. I just didn't think he randomly wanted to talk about turtles.
  • If you tell Casey to "kiss the baby" he will go up to our mirrored wall and put his dirty little hands on it and lean in and open-mouth kiss his reflection. It's rad.

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