Tummy Tuesday Part II

Here are some things we know about baby #2 (a.k.a. Segundo) so far:
  • Conceived on October 5th (a.k.a. Husband's birthday)
  • Due June 28th (a.k.a. BFF's daughter's birthday)
  • That would make "it" a Cancer.
  • If it's a girl, we decided on Alayna Christin for a name. Hubby's dad's name is Alan and that's my mom's middle name.
  • If it's a boy, we have compromised on Andrew because Hubby likes Drew and my mom's name is Andrea and I'm more partial to Andy. Middle name is still undetermined.
  • I am not taking my Zyrtec and it is OBVIOUS. I forgot about that.
  • I am not sleeping well already because of CRAZY dreams and the urge to pee every two hours. I also forgot about that.

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